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Costa Rica Optimizable Vacation Packages

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If you have already made your decision to visit Costa Rica but do not have time to plan every detail of your trip, pick one of our Costa Rica Optimizable Vacation Packages down below. You can optimize this vacation package as you will have the option to choose your hotels at the different locations available. You will also be able to choose different activities available when you book your trip on our secure server.

Costa Rica 6 Days Vacation Overview

Important Notice: This vacation package can be optimized as you choose your hotels and activities at every location. The price may vary as you choose your different options. You just need to go to our optimization page and select all the different options available. Once you are finished you can book your optimized vacation on our secure server. Get ready to enjoy the best vacation you have ever had!

Hotels in San Jose to choose from: Hotel II Millenium, Hotel Bougainvillea, Hotel Holiday Inn Express, Hotel Don Carlos, Hotel Grano de Oro.
Hotels in Arenal to choose from: Hotel San Bosco, Hotel Arenal Lodge, Hotel Montana de Fuego, Hotel Arenal Observatory Lodge, Hotel Arenal Nayara, Hotel Magic Mountain and Hotel Tabacon Resort.
Hotels at the beach to choose from: Hotel Casa Conde del Mar, Hotel Capitan Suizo, Hotel Jardin del Eden, Hotel Costa Verde, Hotel La Mansion Inn, Hotel Villa Caletas and Hotel Ocotal Beach Resort.

Activities to choose from (only one at each location): Tabacon Hot Springs, Baldi Hot Springs, ATV Fortuna Waterfalls, Safari Penas Blancas Kayak, Half Day Safari River Float, White water rafting, horseback riding, canyoning, hiking tours, canopy tour, mountain biking, sail and snorkeling and deep sea fishing tours.

Your itinerary will be like this:

Day One -We will pick you up at Juan Santamaria Intl Airport and transfer you to a hotel in San Jose. You can choose from Hotel II Millenium (just 5 minutes from the airport), Hotel Holiday Inn Express (just 5 minutes from the airport), Hotel Bougainvillea (located in Heredia), Hotel Grano de Oro or Hotel Don Carlos (these two are located in downtown San Jose). You can relax, have something to eat, enjoy the hotel as you wait the next day for the fun to start!

Day Two -On this day we will transfer you to the Arenal Volcano where you can choose from the Hotel San Bosco (located in La Fortuna), Hotel Montana de Fuego, Hotel Arenal Observatory Lodge, Hotel Arenal Nayara, Hotel Arenal Lodge and Hotel Tabacon Resort. You will have the opportunity to enjoy all the beauty of the Arenal Volcano region and explore this exotic location.

Day Three -You will spend the day at the Arenal region and stay at the hotel for the night. You can optimize your vacation as you choose any of our tours like the white water rafting tour, horseback riding to Fortuna waterfall. mountain biking or rapelling tour. You can only choose one at this location.
Day Four -On this day we will transfer you to your beach hotel. You can choose from the Hotel Casa Conde del Mar (Panama Beach), Hotel Capitan Suizo (Tamarindo Beach), Hotel Jardin del Eden (Tamarindo Beach), Hotel Costa Verde (Manuel Antonio Beach), Hotel La Mansion Inn (Manuel Antonio Beach) or Hotel Villa Caletas (near Jaco Beach).

Day Five -You will stay at the beach hotel and enjoy this day. You will have the chance to optiomize your vacation as you choose any of our tours like Vida Aventura (canopy tour, horseback ride and hot springs) or the Aquatic Discovery (sailing and snorkeling tour). Only one activity can be chosen at this location. You can relax at the hotel and enjoy your evening at any of these great hotel accommodations.


Day Six -We will pick you up at the hotel and drop you off at Juan Santamaria International Airport for your departure flight back home. You need to book your departure flight for this day in the afternoon to be on time at the airport. This ends your 6 days optimized vacation in Costa Rica with lots of memories to take back home.
Areas Visited Activities Included
San Jose, Arenal Volcano, Beach Hotel One activity at Arenal and one at the beach. You choose the tours at each location!
Hotels Included Transportation Included
Three hotel reservations. You choose the hotels! All ground transportation is included. No international airfare.
One person in double occupancy


We have created a diverse selection to meet different interests for a great Costa Rica Vacation. Some of our Costa Rica Vacation packages are geared towards the adventurous, very active travelers that want a very exciting adrenaline-packed Costa Rica
vacation, others are geared towards those just interested on having a relaxing Costa Rica Vacation experience. This optimized vacation package lets you choose your hotels and activities according to your own preferences. The price may change as you choose some hotels at each of the locations. Activities will not affect the final price of the package.

Whatever your interests might be, we hope that one of our Costa Rica Optimizable vacation packages meets your Costa Rica vacation travel plans, but if you are not sure one of them is the right fit for you and have us customize a Costa Rica Vacation Package just for you.  If you  have  any  questions, do not  hesitate  to  contact us online where a Costa Rica Vacation Package specialist will be glad to assist you. You can also check how our reservation process works. If you are visiting Costa Rica for your honeymoon we recommend you to check out our Costa Rica Honeymoon Packages.



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