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Costa Rica Vacation Packages

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If you have already made your decision to visit Costa Rica but do not have time to plan every detail of your trip, pick one of our Costa Rica Vacation Packages down below. We can also give you a free quote of your customized Costa Rica vacation!

Family Vacation


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Day 1 We receive you at the Juan Santamaria International Airport and then transfer you to Holiday Inn Express, conveniently located by the airport. You can relax, have something to eat, enjoy the pool as you wait the next day for the fun to start!
Day 2 On day 2 we will transfer the whole family to Monteverde and we will be staying at the Arco Iris Lodge. This hotel offers a perfect setting for visitors who love birdwatching, nature photography and serenity of a mountain retreat. It has been designed to offer home-style comfort in the warmth of an all wood construction.
Day 3 In the morning we pick you up at the hotel and take you on our Sky Adventure tour. SKY TREK is a secure system of trails and zip lines, in the Monteverde Cloud Forest that offers visitors the opportunity to observe and appreciate the nature from different vantage points. SKY TREK is similar to other canopy tours in Costa Rica, but incorporates some significant differences, such as being of larger scale, metal platforms covered with mesh-covered and steel rails which prevent falling or sliding.
Day 3 In the afternoon we take you to SKYWALK, which is a combination of suspension bridges and platforms built in the cloud forest, that offers and opportunity to explore the forest canopy in a safe and easy manner.
Day 4 On this day we will take you to the Selvatura Park Hummingbirds Garden. In the hummingbird garden, guests can observe 14 different species, including some that aren't commonly found elsewhere in Monteverde. Relaxing waterfalls and beautiful flowers offer a perfect setting for nature-photography and a great place to enjoy with your family. We will also take you to one of Costa Rica’s most diverse natural history walks! Positioned atop the Continental Divide in western Costa Rica, the Preserve extends down both the Caribbean and Pacific slopes.The resulting combination of climatic and geographic factors creates temperature and humidity gradients which change dramatically over relatively short distances.
Day 5 We will transfer your family to the beach and we will be staying at Costa Verde in Manuel Antonio. Three hundred yards from the beach and Manuel Antonio National Park, the Hotel Costa Verde features two cliffside pools with sundecks and spacious rooms and balconies. Costa Verde is the perfect destination for those seeking adventure travel, ecoturism, and a great family time at the beach.
Day 6 Paddle through the smooth inland waterways of the Damas Island Estuary, one of the most unusual types of vegetation on the planet, and learn the importance of this delicate ecosystem. Your family will learn a lot about nature and at the same time enjoy as a family while kayaking in this tropical setting.
Day 7 We will take your family to explore many protected islands and secluded bays, only accesible by boat. Search for monkeys, sloths, coastal bird species, dolphins, whales, sea turtles, We will stop and anchor in a secluded bay to swim, snorkel and enjoy the sun! Your family will definitely love this part of the trip as you all come together in family union!
Day 8 On day 8 you will have time to relax in the morning with your family and in the afternoon we will transfer your family to the Holiday Inn Express which is 5 minutes from the airport. You will spend your last night in Costa Rica in this hotel where you can relax by the pool or go to any of the nearby restaurants to have dinner as a family.
Day 9 The next day you will be picked up at the hotel to be transferred to Juan Santamaria Intl Airport, ending here your family trip to Costa Rica.
Areas Visited Activities Included
Day 1 Central Valley
Day 2 Monteverde
Day 3 Monteverde
Day 3 Monteverde
Day 4 Monteverde
Day 5 Manuel Antonio
Day 6 Manuel Antonio
Day 7 Manuel Antonio
Day 8 Central Valley
Day 9 San Jose
Canopy tour, SkyWalk, Hummingbird Garden, Kayaking, Ocean tour
Meals Included Transportation Included
2 breakfasts, 1 Lunch All ground transportation is included. No international airfare.
Quick Inquire

We have created a diverse selection to meet different interests for a great Costa Rica Vacation. Some of our Costa Rica Vacation packages are geared towards the adventurous, very active travelers that want a very exciting adrenaline-packed Costa Rica
vacation, others are geared towards those just interested on having a relaxing Costa Rica Vacation experience.

Some feature Costa Rica all inclusive hotels and others are primarily for a memorable Costa Rica family vacation.  Whatever your interests might be, we hope that one of our Costa Rica vacation packages meets your Costa Rica vacation travel plans, but if you are not sure one of them is the right fit for you and have us customize a Costa Rica Vacation Package just for you.  If you  have  any  questions, do not  hesitate  to  contact us online where a Costa Rica Vacation Package specialist will be glad to assist you. You can also check how our reservation process works. If you are visiting Costa Rica for your honeymoon we recommend you to check out our Costa Rica Honeymoon Packages.



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